Cerf Island Resort Logo Enchanting, exotic, devine, untouched, unique : Induldge in the delights of a resort holiday in the heart of the Indian Ocean.  Pamper yourself in the luxurious delights of a tropical paradise.
Cerf Island Marine Park Resort Is A Luxurious Retreat of Understated Elegance For The Discerning Traveller.  Providing You With A Taste Of Tropical Paradise.

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Cerf Island Marine Park Resort


Cerf Island Marine Park Resort is now popularly known as The Cerf Island Resort.


Situated at the entrance of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, The Cerf Island Resort offers 12 private and luxurious villas, within a naturally elegant 5 star resort.

The resort boasts a fine dining restaurant, infinity pool, pool bar and beach side dining, secluded full service beach, relaxing lounge, and private mini spa - thus offering a truly authentic and luxurious Creole experience.  
The alluring emptiness of the white sand
beaches offer a personal oasis in nature's tropical playground. Relax and listen to the sound of the breeze in the trees as you sip cocktails at the Bar. The infinity edge Pool and Lounge, offer the perfect relaxation.
The marine park waters around the Island are a
diving dreamland of abundant tropical sea-life. Watersports provide the intrepid with the ideal way to explore the island. Stroll amongst tropical vegetation to the marine reserve viewpoint to experience the benign mix of flora and fauna. 
Cerf Island Resort is the location for a truly memorable holiday in one of the most pristine natural environments on the planet.

An ideal location for a tropical beach holiday, wedding or romantic honeymoon, The Cerf Island Resort is a small luxury vacation hideaway in the heart of the Indian Ocean.


Nestled into the hillside and bordered by a marine nature reserve, the Cerf Island Resort of Seychelles is a beautiful luxury retreat for today's discerning traveller.





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a luxurious retreat for the discerning traveller... come and experience it for yourself

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