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Cerf Island Marine Park Resort Is A Luxurious Retreat of Understated Elegance For The Discerning Traveller.  Providing You With A Taste Of Tropical Paradise.

Molton Brown at Cerf Island Resort Seychelles


Cerf Island Resort offers you Molton Brown products – a perfect compliment to the philosophy and standard of the hotel.


Molton Brown is a true luxury brand: creating deceptively simple, highly functional products to restore your natural state of being.


The Molton Brown approach to life is simple: take exceptional plant and marine elements, combine with natural science; produce therapies to enhance the health of your body and allow you to take control of every day.

Molton Brown create sensory body therapies to achieve your desired mindstate; skin treatments to combat your environment; colour to go deeper than embellishment, and travel solutions to make everywhere feel like home.

Molton Brown has always challenged the conventions of time. The business was launched in 1973 at 58 South Molton Street in London, still home to the company’s Mayfair emporium. The distinctive anti-artificial attitude focused on the efficacy of their products rather than promising a miracle transformation – and this philosophy is still true today, with directional products of the highest standard which are sympathetic to the needs of modern life. Each new product fuses technologically advanced natural science with the purest plant and marine extracts sourced from around the globe, to deliver long lasting benefits. Molton Brown therapies offer a way to reconnect with yourself and the outside world, to smooth your path through life and answer your deepest desires for authenticity and integrity.


Travel wellbeing is at the core of Molton Brown’s philosophy and the company strives to enhance the total experience with an ever-developing selection of therapies and accessories to suit the body, mind and lifestyle. These allow you to create your very own comfort zone on the move; controlling your ambience, enhancing your mood and protecting your personal space. You can find Molton Brown in luxurious locations around the globe including the world’s finest hotel rooms and spas.


Visit www.moltonbrown.co.uk for more details

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