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Scuba Diving Package at Cerf Island Resort in Seychelles


The Diving Package at Cerf Island Resort

Diving in the sparkling blue seas of Seychelles.


Stay 6 nights or more and receive 4 FREE dives

Applicable Meal Plans: HB or FB

Applicable villas: Hideaway & Tortoise Suites

Validity period: standard season periods only

Price: Hotel rates published on website

Terms & Conditions:

Valid only if bought as package.

Valid 1 November 2010 - 31 October 2011

Valid for new bookings only. The offer must be specified at the time of booking.

Not valid in conjunction with any other offers or packages.
Subject to availability and strictly on request basis only.
Stay must be completed during validity period stated.
No refund/cash alternative available.
If any part(s) of this offer is not clear please check with us before quoting any clients.
Contract terms and rates apply.

Introduction of Resort:


Cerf Island lies 3km east of Mahe. Due to Cerf Island’s location, the national marine park, the waters around Cerf Island prove a spectacular sight. The marine park offers exceptional marine life, with more than 150 species of reef fish, crabs, sea urchins, starfish, Octopus & many more.


Diving In Seychelles:


As you will notice that the Seychelles archipelago are world famous for their images of the granite boulders that give the islands a characteristic view. These sorts of boulders are also found under the water. On the dive sites which are exposed to the ocean, current can get quite strong which always brings a stunning amount of marine life.

Seychelles is not a mass diving destination –therefore diving groups are rather small & seldom maximum of 6 people. Most of the times you are the only ones diving at a particular spot which gives diving in the Seychelles an exclusive character.


The amount of fishes in Seychelles is impressive & breathtaking. There are different seasons with different possibilities to have encounters with different species. The water that has a lot of plankton during these months attracts these gentle giants and with a bit of luck you can see groups of whale sharks. All year – round you will be able to see big groups of snappers, jack fishes; bat fishes different kinds of stings rays in impressive sizes. Further more there are nurse sharks, white tip reef sharks, guitar sharks, grey sharks & mobula rays. The other underwater highlights that are often spotted are turtles, lobsters, scorpion fishes, bump head parrot fishes, napoleon fishes & all tropical reef fishes that are common in the Indian Ocean.



Diving at Cerf Island Resort:


We organize dive Introduction, Kids Introduction, Regular Dive, Private dives where you can Charter the whole boat. Our Dives usually are all around Mahe, dive sites are selected accordingly to divers experience & weather situation. Navigation times are between 20& 50 minutes. The typical diving day is a two-tank dive trip, pick up and drop of at our hotel jetty.


Listed below are some of the top sites for Diving.


Brissaire Rock: About 40 minutes northeast from Mahe. A rock that comes out of the water in the middle of nowhere and therefore is exposed to all currents. An impressive amount of marine life with snappers, fusiliers and Jack fishes. Regular encounters: white tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, napoleons, eagle rays in big groups, sting rays and whale sharks (depending the season). Maximum depth: 20 meter (65ft).

Particularities: White fan corals, impressive granite boulder formations.


Pinnacle point / Ile Seche: Just outside of the St Anne National Park lies Ile Seche which has many granite boulders on a wide spread area. Big groups of snappers, fusiliers as well as bump head parrotfish’s (up to 20 in one group), jack fishes, white tip reef sharks. During some periods there are big groups of eagle rays of 40 animals and more. Maximum depth: 16 meter (50ft.)


Turtle Rock: Agglomeration of granite boulders on a wide spread area, normally done in two different dives, south of the St. Anne National Park in front of the Airport, white tip reef, nurse sharks, eagle rays in big groups, sting rays, barracudas, jack fishes, tunas, scorpion fishes, bat fishes and whale sharks (depending the season). Maximum depth: 20mt (65ft).

Particularities: beautiful soft corals and several swim through. Can’t be dived during south east monsoon.


L’Ilot Island: L’Ilot is Small Island at the northern tip Mahe and in the channel in-between the two islands you can find beautiful soft corals growing on the massive rocks. There are regularly white tip reef sharks and nurse sharks sleeping underneath the rocks. Furthermore you can find barracudas, jack fishes, eagle rays, stingrays, groupers and whale sharks (depending the season). Maximum depth: 20 meters (65ft)


North Point Rocks: Right beside L’Ilot Island there is an agglomeration of blocks at the east that we call North Point rocks or Octopus rocks. Different boulders are beautifully covered with soft corals, what is very seldom in the inner island to that extend. A great spot for the second dive of the day with turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, morays, scorpion fishes, lobsters and much reef fish. Maximum depth: 15mt. (50ft.)

Particularities: a small tiny canyon with beautiful violet, blue and yellow soft corals on both sides.


Shark Bank: his dive side lays relatively far from Mahe on its northern side on the way to Silhouette Island. Some deep blocks are the home of much tropical reef fish in big amounts and regularly sights of eagle rays in quite impressive sizes. Even if the name of the dive site promises different things, there are just a few white tip reef sharks to be found. Furthermore napoleon fishes, stingrays, jack fishes, lobsters and barracudas. Maximum depth 30mt. (100ft.)

Particularities: The eagle rays here are simply huge- advanced diving with the possibility of pelagic fish encounters. It is Difficult to dive during North West monsoon.



Terms & Conditions:

Valid only if bought as package.

The package must be specified at the time of booking.

Not valid in conjunction with any offers or packages.

Not valid with following rates: B/B

Subject to availability and strictly on request basis only. 



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