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Seychelles Secrets

New marketing tool for Seychelles - SeychellesSecrets.com
by STB - 28th March 2006

Seychelles’ small establishments will finally receive worldwide exposure with the launching of the online Seychelles Secrets site.

The Seychelles Secrets brand, initiated by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), groups together small holiday properties, vetted by STB for cleanliness, comfort, décor, value for money and a range of other criteria, with a view to creating and maintaining a stock of high standard yet affordable accommodation for tourist visitors.


The primary functionality of the site, that currently features 20 hotels, is to show and display availability of rooms in the Seychelles Secrets hotels, as well as enabling users to make a booking request through their preferred Tour Operator in their respective country of residence or with the local Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in Seychelles.


With regards to how the ‘booking request’ system actually works: it was agreed through various stakeholder consultations that the system will work exactly like the existing selling channel which includes client, Tour Operator, DMC and hotel, with the exception that the booking request will go directly to the local DMC for action with the hotel in question before going back to the selected Tour Operator to confirm the request.


The rationale for this is that this will speed up the process of confirming a booking because the DMC is based in Seychelles and in most instances, knows the owners/managers of these small hotels personally and, therefore, is in a better position to take action as opposed to a Tour Operator based overseas.  Until now, the Tour Operators were dealing with issues like time differences, delayed response and break-downs in communication when wanting to make a booking in Seychelles.


Visit www.seychellessecrets.com for more information.






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